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Handmade in Osaka, Japan

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We are a small operation based in Osaka, Japan, producing hand-wound

custom guitar pickups, focusing mainly on pickups for heavy metal.

Each pickup is hand-wound with high quality copper wire.
We only use the finest parts, from bobbins and magnets all the way down to the screws, which are picked out from reliable sources around the world.

Every pickup is tested individually on our test guitars before they are packaged up and shipped out.

The tone and output, characteristics of a pickup can hugely vary depending on what components are being used and how a pickup is physically put together. 

Some of the components that affect the overall sound are bobbin dimensions, bobbin materials, base plate material, magnet type and sizes, wire gauges and insulation thickness, winding tension/ speed/ patterns, coil dimensions, and wax potting etc.

Although most of our pickups do use common formulas found in any modern well-crafted pickup designs, some of the choices we make are somewhat unconventional and are an accumulation of carefully thought-out choices based on extensive experimentation driven by an obsessive passion for attaining desired results. 

We offer an exclusive line of stock-spec models with a number of options (colors, string-spacing, etc.), and accept fully customized orders including pickups for  7- and 8-string guitars, bass pickups, single coils, rewinds, and hand-etched custom cover designs.

The Stock pickups are specifically tailored to the heavier side of rock music and are either Humbucker designs in the bridge position, or Neck designs intended predominantly for cleans and leads. 

Requests for customization beyond what we offer on the Stock Pickups page, including unconventional specs, one-offs, and custom covers, can be emailed directly or sent via the Custom Order page. We are happy to work with you on every spec to create the perfect pickup for you.

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