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Akira Inada

Aside from being guitarist for Japanese metal/hardcore band PALM, Inada is also a studio engineer and is very specific when it comes to tone. MASS humbucker* seems to serve the exact role with his band and his crushing sound. 

*10% overwind.

Gear/Signal Chain:

MASS (bridge ) >> Mayones Setius (tuned to C standard) >> UPA-01(Unknown Pedal Australia) >> DV MARK BAD BOY 120 >> HIWATT 412 cab


Kazuyuki Maikawa

SeeK is not your typical hardcore band. Being the only string instrumentalist of the three-piece unit, Maikawa manages to completely engulf you in a wall of sound utilizing his collection of vintage amps and plethora of dirt pedals.

Gear/Signal Chain:

MASS (bridge) >> Gibson Les Paul Custom('72) >> Mogami 3368/Beden9395 cables>> providence SDT-1/ BOSS HM2  *Signal-A: CUSTOM HIWATT 100(DR103) >> HIWATT se4123 cab *Signal-B: MARSHALL 1959 superlead('73 modded) >> Marshall 1960A('68)


Masashi Kameda

Slow, persistent and merciless. These are some of the words to describe the diabolical sound of the band, and Kameda is the man who is responsible for the gut-wrenching low-end that fills every gap and crevice in the mix. 

Gear/Signal Chain:

Custom Hum+P set >> Jackson Soloist Bass('80s MIJ) >> Eventide H9(CrushStation)>> Expro 32volt CleanBooster )>> ORANGE Terror Bass  >> Custom 810 cab(EMINENCE DELTA-10A speakers.)

Gear/Signal Chain:

MASS (bridge ) >> Gibson Les Paul('60s Tribute) >> Zoom MS50g>> ditto x2 >> EHX Freeze >> Swollen Pickle MK2S  >> OD808 >> DECIMATER2>> Mesa/Boogie Mark V>> Marshall 1960cab

Yutaro Kawachi

Wretched riffs and uncanny passages. Tochu-Kaso is a Post-hardcore/Math metal influenced band from Tokyo Japan. Definitely not an easy listen but once you're hooked, you will appreciate the delightful mess of sound.

Kawachi and his black Les Paul loaded with MASS humbucker in the bridge position is undoubtedly the driving force behind the sonic mayhem.

Tochu-Kaso Logo.png
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