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Dual-blade high-definition Neck humbucker...


MASS(Neck) From defined and balanced clean tones to creamy leads with tons of sustain.


It works great on its own, especially for chord-oriented passages and jazz lead tones, but it also excels as a companion to a bridge humbucker with a higher output like our MASS(bridge) pickup.

Its inherent design adds slight compression to the tone when driven(picked hard), especially to the low-end and the very high end, which allows the overall tone to retain both punchy low-end and prominent highs with clarity without getting in the way of the rest of the spectrum resulting in a balanced tone with excellent string separation.


Hand-wound with Heavy Formvar wire powered by two custom sized Ceramic8 magnets.

D.C. resistance approximately around 9.6k.

MASS(Neck) sounds optimal with the coils in series and comes with braided 2 conductor wire as standard, but can be custom ordered with 2 conductor+screen or 4 conductor wire if necessary.


Like most of our pickups, MASS(Neck) humbucker is wound in an unconventional pattern that suppresses capacitance build-up and comes either unpotted or potted moderately for maximum dinamic range and harmonic content.


* Options that are not listed (such as color variants, etc.) as "stock options" from the drop-down menu may still be available, so please feel free to ask before purchasing, either by email ( or via the Custom Order page.

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