The high-output humbucker with balls...


VOLUME is a powerful humbucker with hefty low-and mid-range featuring asymmetric coils with unconventional winding patterns that effectively preserve clarity and presence despite all the chunk.


The pickup is hand-wound with high-quality plain enamel wire powered by a Ceramic8 bar magnet. Double rows of hex bolts or screws come as standard.


D.C. resistance: 14.5k.


Its sound is best described as potent, beefy, and in-your-face. Look no further for a humbucker with serious balls!


Available pole-spacings are: 50 mm, 53 mm, 61.2 mm (7-string) and 71.6 mm (8-string).


* Options that are not listed (such as color variants, cover types, spacings, etc.) as "stock options" from the drop-down menu may still be available, so please feel free to ask before purchasing, either by email (betablockerpickups@gmail.com) or via the "Custom Order" page.

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