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Both of these steel blade type single coil pickups started off with the concept of being a modernized version of a cross between a CC type and a P90, but in a humbucker-mountable format. 
The simplicity of the design allowed us to create our own bobbins from the ground up, and experiment with various materials, dimensions, winds, and magnet configurations resulting in an enticing aesthetic and tone. 
These models have two distinctive sounds serving different purposes independently, but are also designed to work together cohesively.

REAMER - As the name implies, it's an aggressive single coil bridge pickup that cuts right through any dense mix with no effort. Very forward Mids and present Highs with all the resolution and dynamics that comes with single-coils designs. Depending on how close you have the pickup to the strings, the Lows can go from being controlled and tight, to punchy and bold.
The output is comparable to a 'hot-vintage' mid-output humbucker, but the tonality and response is of a 'CC jazz' blade type pickup, with some characteristics of a p90.
When combined with a bit of overdrive into an already crunched up amp(or sim) it is more than capable of delivering some serious riffige with high resolution top grind.
DC-resistance - approx 12.5k
Magnets - Ceramic8

BORE - Thick and Clean. Punchy jazz tones with note separation.
Lows are deep and rich without getting in the way of the Mids and Highs with exceptional definition. With distortion, it can comfortably go from smooth saturated blues tones to high-gain jazz fusion leads fluently.
The output is comparable to a over-wound hot P90, or a vintage output humbucker, and the tonality and response is similar to a 'CC jazz' blade type pickup despite having totally different specs and construction, and the tonal characteristics resemble a weighty p90.
Although intended as a Neck pickup, it is quite capable of some stoner and sabbath riffs. 
DC-resistance - approx 9.5k
Magnets - AlnicoV

*These are optimal for direct mount guitars.
Although they are possible to mount on most pick-guard or ring mount guitars, please feel free to contact us before purchasing for instructions on installment, or to check to make sure if they fit your particular guitar.
For installment and adjustment of the screws, you will need a phillips head screwdriver (#00) 2.5mm(.1inch) to go through the holes on top of the pickup.

    Bobbin Finish/Blade Colors
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