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Medium-output humbucker with some serious grind...


WEIGHT is a versatile humbucker perfectly balancing meatiness and articulation. It's wound with high-quality plain enamel wire powered by a fully charged AlnicoV magnet. The pickup is lightly potted for extended frequency response and wide dynamics. D.C. resistance: 12.5k.


WEIGHT has a very open sound (think: ’59 on steroids) with prominent mids and deep low-mid extension with more than enough presence on top, which adds a distinct pick attack that really cuts through when you're digging in. This pickup also pairs extremely well with typical TS-type overdrive pedals before hitting the amp.


WEIGHT is well suited to a variety of rock styles from classic rock, stoner/doom to progressive metal and mathcore. Whether you're going for open and resonant rock riffs, or disgustingly heavy jagged and grindy metal riffs, this pickup will get you there.


Available pole-spacings are: 50 mm, 53 mm, 61.2 mm (7-string) and 71.6 mm (8-string).


* Options that are not listed (such as color variants, cover types, spacings, etc.) as "stock options" from the drop-down menu may still be available, so please feel free to ask before purchasing, either by email ( or via the "Custom Order" page.

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